Friends and Fun

It all started at the quilt show in Rochester. Jeanette, Kathy and I ended up buying the same kit so I got the brainstorm idea that we should all get together and work on them.

We worked.

We laughed a lot.

We toured the garden.

We ate Chocolate Caramel Supreme Pie.

Then it was time for them to leave.

It seems like we didn't get much done, but we planned our strategy for next time. Yes, we are going to get together again, then I will take pictures of the projects we are working on.


Mary Emma Allen said...

This sounds like a fun time, reminiscent of the old-fashioned quilting bees.

Gina E. said...

It is so much more fun to have company while you stitch! Since I've been on the Internet, I've made more stitching friends than I have had in my life! Before then, I never knew anyone else that loved embroidery like I did. My friends and family looked fondly at my work and said what a clever girl I was..blah blah.. but they weren't really interested.