Button Button, Whos's got the Most Buttons

Last week I posted a picture of my cat prowling on a shelf in my sewing room. Well, my friend Kathy had the gall to tell me she was more interested in the shelf above Sophie Mae. Can you believe the nerve of her? Sophie Mae would be so offended if she only knew.

I love to collect old sewing paraphernalia and the best place to do that is at auctions. Most of these buttons came from an auction that I was at with my husband. He didn't know what I was bidding on and when I went to claim my winnings and when he saw it was 5 jars of buttons he thought I had lost my mind. I paid 37.50 and he thought that was outrageous, I on the other hand thought it was the deal of the century. The top shelf is stuff from actions also, a lot of the spools were from my mom. The jars are from our convenience store - back in the day when beef jerky came in glass jars.


Kathy said...

Sophie Mae is one cool cat but those jars of buttons are pretty impressive! Will you be showing some of the stuff that's in those jars?

Kimara@weefolkart said...

Too cool! I got into bidding on buttons on eBay. I was about done in when I won 14 pounds, I kid you not, of buttons. When they came in, I realized that they were recycled buttons (totally cool!), cut off at some recycling center, because each button still had little bits of fabric on it. Well, it took me a few winter weeks to clip away all the little pieces of fabric and string, but what a treat. So many different kinds of buttons. Next week some time I'm going to feature my sewing room on my blog... watch for ALL the buttons! BTW... I think 37 dollars was perfectly reasonable ;D