Covered Altoid Tin

This little tin is going out in the mail today for a tin swap I joined. This is the second one that I have made, you can see the first one here. These are so much fun to do.


Friends and Fun

It all started at the quilt show in Rochester. Jeanette, Kathy and I ended up buying the same kit so I got the brainstorm idea that we should all get together and work on them.

We worked.

We laughed a lot.

We toured the garden.

We ate Chocolate Caramel Supreme Pie.

Then it was time for them to leave.

It seems like we didn't get much done, but we planned our strategy for next time. Yes, we are going to get together again, then I will take pictures of the projects we are working on.


A Great Find

This weekend we went to the play, Church Basement Ladies, A Second Helping at the Plymouth Playhouse. While we were in the cities I got a tip on a great place to go and find deals on fabric. It's called S R Harris in Brooklyn Park and it's insane. It is a 30,000 square foot warehouse with floor to ceiling fabric. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into, all I knew was that there was going to be a lot of fabric and you cut it yourself. After 45 minutes of being somewhat overwhelmed I checked out with my mere 1/2 yard of fabric, 5 yards of trim and 1/2 yard of lace motif. When the check out girl said $8.00 I asked her if she got everything because that didn't seem right, she assured me it was correct and all bolted fabric is always 1/2 price. Well, I wanted to turn right around and check out the wools and silks a little closer but we had other things on the agenda so I just made a mental note that I'm going to have to go back. Unfortunately I had left my camera at home and my cell phone back at the hotel so you will just have to trust me that is something to see.

I didn't manage to get much done in the car this trip. Part of the time I was driving and part of the time a was sleeping but not at the same time of course, so this is all I accomplished.


Pincushion Swap

I joined a pincushion swap and this is the pincushion that went out to my partner. I can't say who is getting it 'cause that is top secret info until she gets it, but I can say, it is going overseas.

These are the goodies I received in the mail from Dawn in Canada.
This is a Strawberry Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich pincushion. How cool is that!


Running in circles

Yesterday was one of those days, where I just couldn't seem to stay focused and get anything done. So I decided to create something to reflect how I felt. The colors are really bright even though they don't show up that outstanding in the picture. I just started sewing circles on the wool felt then glued it onto a old cd. For the back I tried writing with a Micron pigment pen but that did not work at all so I just grabbed a marker and scribbled on the back. I addressed to to my daughter and 88 cents later it was on it's way to Augsburg. It was so quick and easy I think if it arrives safe and sound I will have to make more of them just for fun. But I'll do something else on the back so it doesn't look so tacky.


Puzzle Pieces

I was so excited to see my puzzles pieces had arrived from the Pieces of Friendship swap. You can find out what its all about here. This was really fun and I'm hoping it is going to be an on going thing. I think I might just make a couple of edge pieces just for fun.


Button Button, Whos's got the Most Buttons

Last week I posted a picture of my cat prowling on a shelf in my sewing room. Well, my friend Kathy had the gall to tell me she was more interested in the shelf above Sophie Mae. Can you believe the nerve of her? Sophie Mae would be so offended if she only knew.

I love to collect old sewing paraphernalia and the best place to do that is at auctions. Most of these buttons came from an auction that I was at with my husband. He didn't know what I was bidding on and when I went to claim my winnings and when he saw it was 5 jars of buttons he thought I had lost my mind. I paid 37.50 and he thought that was outrageous, I on the other hand thought it was the deal of the century. The top shelf is stuff from actions also, a lot of the spools were from my mom. The jars are from our convenience store - back in the day when beef jerky came in glass jars.



These are the last of the pincushions that I made in Cindy Thury Smith's class in Duluth.
They were just a little too boring so I had to jazz them up a little.The Basic Folded Fabric Square Pillow pincushion I added tassels and a button to one side and a Dorset button to the other side.

The Radial pincushion is two pieced of covered Timtex and has a piece of fulled wool in the middle. I added the beads around the outer edge to both sides.


Duluth Quilt Show

Here are just a few pictures from the quilt show. I didn't take a lot of them, I was b-bobbin' from shopping to looking at quilts and my camera kept getting buried so it was just easier to take a mental picture. These are just a few that were lucky enough to get photographed.


Pin Cushion Class

I went to the Minnesota Quilt Show in Duluth a took a wonderful pincushion class taught by Cindy Thury Smith.
These are the two that I completed in class, an apple and a round dimpled donut. We also made a basic folded fabric square pillow pincushion that I could have finished, but I want to jazz it up a bit with something, I'm not sure what. The other one we made is radial pincushion and that one I'm going to finish off with beads.

Our wonderful teacher, Cindy standing in front of her pincushions.

Here are the pincushions she brought to show us.

This one is way too stinkin' cute. Now I'm gong to have to start looking at miniatures and find me a little bed. For the little quilt, she used her quilt design program and printed it off onto fabric.


Sophie Mae

Oh, Oh, caught again. I thought I was all alone in here and getting ready for a cat nap.



I'm going to be gone for a couple of days so I thought I better take a couple of close ups before I go, I'm sure they will not be looking so beautiful when I get back.



This is a little wall hanging that I designed to hang in our store. There is just something very welcoming about sheep, isn't there? This one will be going up in the fall. I have one for every season.


My Garden

I haven't gotten any stitching done so I dashed out to take a couple pictures of my garden.