Ironing board finds

I cleaned off my ironing board this week (it's 2 x 4 so it holds a lot of stuff) anyway these are just a few of the treasures I found. The kitten postcard just needs a backing and edges finished and that will be good to go. The purple post card, not sure why it go buried other than I guess I was waiting for a little inspiration. The Dotee doll is ready to be adopted and the Artist Trading Card is an abstract one that I didn't know where I was going with it, since I don't really do abstract.


Stella and Bella

Here are two more Dotee's for the exchange. I thought I would do a mother-daughter duo. I'm not sure if I will split them up or keep them together.


Karen's Round Robin

This is the block when I received it.

Close up of the heart wreath.

Close up of my work.

The block in it's entirety.
Here is another block for a round robin. I added a tatted butterfly, keeping with the tatted heart theme. I also did a feather stitch with beads, added a seam treatment of silk ribbon flowers and leaves and added beads. Then topped it off with a wreath heart done with lazy daisy stitches and added flower beads and more beads.


Bird ATC

This is my latest artist trading card for a bird swap. This bird is printed on fabric, then I needle felted around it and added beads.



This is a Dotee doll from Judy, my swap partner at Stitching Fingers. I sent her a doll named Violet and she sent me a doll named Violet, kind of spooky isn't it.


Round Robin

Our small group of local crazy quilters is doing a round robin, where everyone makes their own block and we each take a turn at working on them. I'm always a little nervous about being the first person as that seems to set the tone for the rest of the block and I fear it may not be the tone they are looking for. But this block immediately spoke to me and said "tree".


I'm so cool!

This is what all the lake dogs are wearing this year.



This Dotee doll is for a swap. I'm still struggling with faces but at least they aren't so huge anymore.


30's Fun

I'm in a small group ( fourteen) to be exact of 30's quilting friends and every month we are each demonstrating a nine inch block. This is the one I chose to demo for the month of July.

We are also doing a birthday fabric postcard swap, so I decided to make my block in miniature and it will be going out today.


Crazy Quilt Round Robin

This is a round robin I've been working on. The first picture is the block in its entirety. The second picture is just the area that I worked on.


Birthday Post Card

Here is a post card that is going out to my daughter for her birthday. It has birthday confetti, balloons and stars under tulle so they kind of float around. I sewed a couple of embellishments on the top so all the confetti doesn't end up in one corner.