A few more inchies

This is my last batch of inchies for the swap. These were needles felted and were super quick to make.


More Inchies

Here are more inchies for our crazy quilt group swap. We swap them out on Thursday and I can't wait to see what I get back.


Kitty Needle Case

I finished it. I started this needle case probably two years ago and for no particular reason never finished it. I found some coordinating fabric and the book with the pattern in it so I had no excuse not to get it done. It is Needleworks by Kindred Spirits.


30's Fun

I recently joined a wonderful 30's group and got in on a really fun project. There are nine of us and we each took 30's fabric of our choice and put them into a bag. Each month the bag went to a different person and they made a 6 1/2 inch block of their choice using our fabrics. These are the eight blocks I got back plus one I made for myself so I would end up with 9 blocks. Now I just have to decide how I want to put them together.



It all started when my friend Kathy knitted a pair of wool socks for me and they were just so stinking cute I decided to jump on the bandwagon try my hand at knitting. I wanted to start out small so I started out with these Trio of Pixies. They are only about five inches high and are less than perfect but they were quick and easy and very fun to knit.

Kitty Needle Case

I found this in one of my drawers, and decided I need to finish it since most of the work is done. But I only found the cat and the pockets, I know at one time I had coordinating fabric for the outside but I don't have a clue where that is. So now as soon as I find some fabric that will work and the book with the directions I will be set.


My Puppy

Here is a picture of my puppy Maggie. She is 5 moths old here and isn't that the sweetest little face you have ever seen?

Post Card Box

Here is a view with the front open and beside it is one of my favorite post cards so to me from my friend Kathy.

Fabric Postcard Box

I have been making and swapping fabric postcards for about four years now off and on, so I am getting quite a collection. I always had them stored in a basket, but now I have a puppy that has not quite learned good manners and she has taken quite a love to them along with the basket. I make this box to keep the post cards in and so far she hasn't figured out how to open the box.



I belong to a small crazy quilters group. Last month we had a inchie demo, then decided to each make some and bring them next month for an inchie swap. This is my first batch and I'm not sure they are worthy of being swapped out but they sure are fun to make and I can see how they can become very addicting. I already have another batch started.

Fabric postcards

My two children are away at college and I am convinced they love getting fun stuff from their dear old mother, so they are the lucky recipients of many of my fabric post cards. Here are the ones I am sending to them for Valentines Day.


Fabric Postcard

I found this fabric post card in one of my junk/unfinished projects drawers. It only needed to have the edges finished and even that was partially done. So I finished it today and sent to off to my friend Bonnie. Hope she likes it.


Pine Cone Candle Mat

I bought this pattern and kit during the Minnesota Quilt Shop Hop. It's one of the Little Stitchies by Bareroots. It's one of those what was I thinking purchases since I don't use candles and after cutting out the pattern I wasn't really crazy about it. But now it is done, so I can move one to something else. Let's see now, what's left?


Wooly stars

I made the wool stars at our local quilt shop that meets once a month for a Wool on Wednesday group. They are supposed to be attached and used as a table topper, but I really had no place for that so I just left mine unattached and I am going to use them for coasters.


Snow globe - Valentine Style

This pattern is called Snow globe by Gotta Love It. I bought this pattern along with a kit on the Minnesota shop hop. The kit was very Christmasy and I didn't get around to looking at it until January and I wasn't really in to mood for Christmas projects so when I came across this snow globe fabric I bought it and decided to make a Valentine snow globe instead. And I actually got it done before Valentine's Day.